10 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

10 Most Common Car Accident InjuriesWhen an automobile accident occurs, drivers and passengers can receive multiple injuries. Whether it’s being cut from broken glass or metal, hit by unsecured items inside the car, or being ejected from the vehicle during a rollover, the fact is numerous types of injuries can occur. And unfortunately, victims sustaining these injuries often find themselves facing not only physical pain, but also large medical bills, lost wages, and even emotional issues such as depression. To learn more about the most serious types of automobile accident injuries, here are some details regarding the 10 most common car accident injuries.

1. Brain Injuries

Some of the most serious car accident injuries, brain injuries can run the gamut from mild concussions that heal after a few weeks to traumatic brain injuries that are irreversible and impair a person’s speech, memory, vision, or even their ability to control their emotions.

2. Additional Head Injuries

Because a person’s head is so vulnerable in an automobile accident, a variety of other injuries can occur in addition to brain injuries. These can include eye injuries that may result in blindness, dental injuries that result in lost teeth or jaw fractures, and ear injuries that lead to hearing loss.

3. Neck Injuries

In most car accidents, a person’s neck stretches and quickly whips back into place, damaging ligaments and even the spinal cord. Commonly known as whiplash, it can cause chronic pain and greatly impact one’s quality of life. In addition to whiplash, more severe neck injuries can occur, such as a crushed larynx or trachea, or even a broken neck, which can result in immediate death.

4. Back Injuries

Potentially some of the most devastating car accident injuries, back injuries can lead to chronic pain and in severe cases paralysis. With these injuries, damage can occur to a person’s vertebrae, ligaments, disks, or the spinal cord.

5. Chest Injuries

If a person is not wearing a seat belt, chest injuries often occur. With these injuries, broken ribs and a broken sternum are the most common injuries, along with other fractures and damage to vital organs such as the heart. However, as airbag technology has improved, these injuries have been greatly reduced in recent years.

6. Ruptured Diaphragm

When a person’s trunk or lower chest is damaged by blunt or penetrating trauma, a ruptured diaphragm may result. A muscle tear across the bottom of the rib cage, it can severely impact a person’s ability to breathe, and must be treated as soon as possible.

7. Abdominal Injuries

In front and side-impact collisions, abdominal injuries such as hip fractures and injuries to vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, and spleen can occur. Since much internal bleeding can occur with a ruptured spleen or damaged liver, immediate medical help will be necessary.

8. Leg and Knee Injuries

When the impact of a crash leads to a person’s legs or knees hitting against the car’s steering wheel or other interior areas, leg and knee injuries can occur. Common injuries of these body parts can include contusions, fractures, or ligament damage to knees, such as meniscus tears to ligaments if knees are awkwardly twisted or bent.

9. Foot Injuries

Very vulnerable to injuries, drivers and passengers can find themselves suffering from sprains, strains, or fractures of their ankles, feet, and toes, since it’s natural to attempt to lessen the impact by bracing themselves with their feet.

10. Severed Limbs

In the most serious car accidents, victims can suffer from severed limbs if they are hit by flying glass or sharp metal. However, while this can occur in car accident victims, these injuries are more commonly seen in victims of motorcycle accidents.

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