The Truth About Bankruptcy

It’s just too hard to avoid sometimes. You can do everything, from cutting back on monthly expenses to selling assets to make ends meet. Taking out the budget grocery list and doing anything you can get to get by. In the end, however, the reality of filing bankruptcy might be the case. It’s important to stay educated when filing for bankruptcy. Keep reading on to stay informed.

Is There Anything I Should Do Before Filing?

Don’t walk into filing for bankruptcy clueless. Understand the process. This isn’t a way to escape your problems. You’ll probably still end up owing debts like student loans or back taxes. Child support and/or alimony will still be in the picture, and filing is a cost in its own.

Stay organized. Be prepared to present a list of all debts, including anything from credit card to school loans to alimony. Each debt should come with paperwork to confirm it exists. A lawyer or financial coach will recommend taking this step.

Keep an open mind. Try your best to pay off your debt without having to file, utilizing a bare-bones budget if necessary. Creditors may sometimes lower interest rates or get you a better contract. Make other expense cuts, like downgrading your car or home. Find an extra source of income to help make payments.

A financial coach could help in the long run, giving you tips that you might not consider along the way to debt recovery. Coaches can be great, especially if they provide a customized debt recovery plan to keep you away from bankruptcy.

You shouldn’t do this alone. Use your resources and contact a professional. Filing for bankruptcy is not a one man job. Tom Pyles Law has more than 25 years of experience with these types of cases. Use the form to the right to schedule a free meeting.

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